Fear of Loss or Loss of Fear!

Very smart wording, isn’t it! 😉 (Blush blush)

Have you ever noticed how many times in 1 day fear rises in our mind..for different things..meeting with the boss…facing that nasty colleague….fear of being laughed at upon making a wrong suggestion…. fear of being un-loved..

Basically a fear of loss..losing something, anything.. a fight, a customer,   a hope…

Fear is creepy, isn’t it?

We all know so. But it is a hell of a tough task to shake it out of our minds.

The opposite of this is the Loss of Fear

However lofty it might sound, we all know it is damn fuck difficult to lose fear!

I can suggest one remedy…

Of course it is not ground-breakingly NEW but it is ground-breakingly GENIUS I assure you!

And here it is


If you keep THINKING about your worry, your fear of the loss, well of course you will DO less about it, won’t you. In fact, droning worries all the time is not healthy for your beautiful mind.

So, fuck Thinking.

and get Doing.

The more you do, the more fearless and confident you become. And then you look like a Rockstar! And think like a Rockstar! (yeah, a lot of jerks do so already but you’ll be the non-annoying category)

So, go out, have fun, do the work, get your hands dirty, so that you have no time to THINK/WORRY.


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