What we do?

NetworkingTrips MAKES YOU A ROCK STAR in your chosen industry by inviting you to specialised, adventurous, enjoyable and luxury trips. 

When lots of awesome professionals from renowned companies attend out trips to enjoy the fun sports, sightseeing, leadership workshops, case competitions that we do on each of our trips,  they build a community of well-meaning, genuine network and give each other plenty of opportunities for career & personal growth.

This helps expand your network much more meaningfully than any random ‘add friends’ or ‘connects’!

You just gotta be smart enough to come along to check out cool it is to meet the real people behind the smart-ass business cards! Get them to know how awesome you are too! 

Why is Networking essential today?

Honestly, how many times have you found that the facebook and LinkedIn personalities of most people are diagonally different from their real personas?! 😉

Got the point?  😉

You can be truly successful in your career when more and more people get to know the real you. They’ll trust you better, and so will you trust them when you know their real selves!​

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 10.10.49 AM


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