The Triangle of Tragic Mismatch!


What NetworkingTrips aims to do is fairly simple, and fun! Check out the self-explanatory triangle above. This explains how very different approaches the job seekers take in looking for that crucial next step and the approaches that employers take for while looking for that next guy they can depend on. Looking at this, no doubt it is depressing that we look for each other the wrong way. But it also tells us usually our job searches become so frustrating that we end it with “anything will do”! Now that’s not good, is it?

NetworkingTrips takes you to that lovely vacation where quite a few industry guys get to know you and you get to know them so well that you can depend on them to make that well-planned and well-desired career move at the time of your choice.

Isn’t it all about controlling our careers, which essentially are almost one third of our life and deeply impact the rest two thirds of it as well? So, well, it’s time you took control, and made preparations. Come on a NetworkingTrip – start to control your career!


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