Networking Opportunities in the IT/ITES Sector

The IT/ITES sector is one of the most populated sectors in the global business industry. It is one of the most fastest-moving industries and ones that inevitably affect changes in all the other industries. Every single industry requires IT to run its most basic to its most advanced functions. Therefore, it can be left to the imagination of the smart people what are the immense ceiling-less possibilities to grow one’s career in this sector.

The Indian IT sector grows annually at the rate of 25%. For every 1 job created in the IT sector, 4 additional jobs are created indirectly. This makes it one of the most influential employment sectors. It is the largest private sector employer, employing millions of people overall.

And what are the ways to stay informed about the industry’s growth path; get to know of the best opportunities; keep an upward career progression; achieve aggressive personal growth?

Networking is thus, an essential. Answer the following questions honestly:

–          How many IT conferences and seminars have you actually gone to?

–          At these conferences and seminars, how many business cards did you collect?

–          Out of those new business cards, how many people can you now just give a random call to discuss any of your career matters?

Networking Trips is one of the best avenues to set yourself on a growth chart. Come to these NetworkingTrips where you meet professionals with their hair down – hence, you get past the stiff collars and actually, really get to know them well enough.


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