“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

–Robert Kiyosaki

Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad

What exactly does networking do? If “working” is not a bad word, then “networking” is not either.

Networking provides you with opportunities to reach a better platform and show your capabilities to a different set of audience and co-workers. It provides you with opportunities and the rest (like, performing well on it) depend entirely upon your capabilities.


It is positive. Networking can be as positive or as negative as you like it to be.

Being open and positive to new people, helping them out, seeking help & advice from them are the positive aspects of networking… and that is how you end up making some good friends in life – by opening yourself up to strangers and being genuine.

The working community – the entrepreneurs, the professionals, the business academic community – everybody agree that knowing people is one of the surest ways to getting new opportunities and that is something you definitely cannot do without if you want any success at all.


People and our careers. When we think of our past workplaces, it is always the people that come to our mind before memories of our work do. And this is because, people matter in your career – they affect your emotions at a workplace, they affect your dedication to your work, and most often our decisions to leave a workplace have more to do with the people than the work. All of this proves that people are important in our careers. And we must never take them lightly.

Always be open to meeting new people, getting to know them very well, getting them to know who you really are – it can go a long, long way.

Social networking websites do not ever get you to meet complete strangers and meet them well enough to allow them to recommend you or you to recommend them. And that kind of a “friend list” or “contact list” is as good as none.

Our life is as good as the people in it… so why shy from networking!


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