The quaint and happy little dusty town has been deceptively luring since many hundreds of years now. In the past it attracted the maharajas and crowned itself with their enchanting palaces, and now it never tires of welcoming a wide variety of tourists.

Jaipur is also the twenty first century window into the state of Rajasthan. It has the modern as well as the old – a juxtaposition of everything against each other.

It offers complete days of sightseeing into its palaces which are amazing in their uniqueness – a palace that keeps itself cool in the worst of summer heat (Hawa Mahal); a palace that perches in the middle of a grand silvery lake (Jal Mahal); historical forts that sit atop mountains overlooking lakes (Amer Fort); and the curious green hill of eagles (Jaigarh Fort).

Jaipur has seen quite a bit of royal life in its past, being the home to so many royal families, and that past still colours its present charm. Add to this, the shopping bonanza that Jaipur virtually is all the year round because it is the main shopping avenue for all the beautiful Rajasthani clothes and trinkets – the exclusive designs and patterns that were founded in this state, plus the silver and metal knick knacks that adorn you and your homes.

Always a place to discover, it is.


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